Thursday, December 3, 2015


First, Donald Trump mocks a reporter with a disability. Now, Kylie Jenner has posed in a wheelchair on the cover of Interview Magazine. She called it a fashion statement.

It is obvious that choosing to pose in a wheelchair on the cover of the magazine was in poor taste and showed a lack of maturity on Ms. Jenner's part. What upsets me more is the kind of message she's sending to her fans. In my opinion, she is trivializing the importance of wheelchairs, making them appear to be props or toys., The cover photo sends the message that a wheelchair is something to have fun with. When in fact a wheelchair is a means of mobility and independence for many people with disabilities including me.

When the photo shoot ended, Kylie Jenner could get out of the wheelchair on her own. She didn't have to wait for someone to come and transfer her the way I do. If she is against bullying, why then would she choose to pose for a magazine cover in a wheelchair? By doing so she is mocking every person for whom a wheelchair is a necessity, not just a prop or fashion accessory that will be discarded when the photo shoot has ended.

Ms. Jenner also stated that she feels limited in her career. She has no idea what it means to be limited in what you can do. Having to depend on others to assist you. Having to plan everything even the most basic things like when you can use the bathroom. I am sure Ms. Jenner has never had to do that.

I would like to encourage Ms. Jenner to visit a rehab or nursing facility. There she will see people dealing with real struggles and limitations. And, I hope she'll regret choosing to use a wheelchair in that cover shoot. I hope she will see that for most people who use them, a wheelchair is not a choice. .