Sunday, October 16, 2016


October 15, 2016, marked the two year anniversary of my being forced to move into a facility. When I moved here, I was advised to embrace being here.  Two years have passed. Seven hundred and thirty days. I cannot embrace being here. It feels like a punishment.  I keep wondering what I did.   I wonder how long I will have to pay for my crime

Someone on Facebook, asked me to defend my reason for supporting Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton has brought disability rights to the forefront of her campaign, She is the first candidate to endorse The Disability Integration Act ,

The DIA was introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer. Its purpose is to ensure that people like me, who were forced to live in long term care facilities  or other institutions be given the supports and services needed so that they may be integrated back into the community. ADAPT a grass roots organization,works tirelessly to ensure that the rights and freedom of people with disabilities are protected,  

You can read Senator Clinton's statement regarding the DIA here:

No one who is not sick and has a good mind should have to live with limited rights and freedom. I can get out, but getting transportation can be a hassle. Getting aides to cooperate  can be an even bigger challenge. I wish the state had contacted an independent living center about support services for me. Instead, they just dumped me here.  It's been two years. It feels like ten.

When I look in the mirror, I see a person with many challenges whose body has betrayed them. Recently, I visited the Starkloff Disability Institute. Starkloff helps people with disabilities gain employment and be part of their community. I saw people with many more challenges than I have. I visited a gentleman's apartment. I learned how he manages caregivers so that he is safe. He works. He lives his life.I hope  Staekloff can help me too.

I have put my family through a lot. I have done and said things I am not proud of to get my way. I have asked for their forgiveness countless times. The have no reason to believe me now. I am truly sorry. I thank them for all they have done. I hope I will have their support as I begin my journey toward freedom. I don't know what will happen. I have to try. I don't want to die here.

The person on Facebook asked why they should vote for Hillary Clinton.. Donald Trump has mocked people with disabilities, insulted every minority group and spoken about woman as though they were less than human  He believes a woman's only purpose is to sexually satisfy men. 

I am not telling anyone why they should vote for one candidate or the other. The most important thing is to vote. Let your voice be heard.