Sunday, October 30, 2016


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The title of this post is this year's theme. There are approximately 57 million disabled Americans. We are the largest minority group.  

According to an article written for CNN Money, in July of 2015. " In the early 1990s, about half of disabled Americans were employed, according to Census data. Today that has fallen to just 41%. Some of the decline is due to an aging population. Older workers are more likely to have disabilities, especially physical ones."

Many disabled Americans. like me, want to work, but we are afraid of losing our benefits. There is no incentive to work because of the restrictions that have been placed on us by the government.

People with disabilities are more conscientious and appreciative than most non disabled workers. That is because we know that we must prove that we can do the job that we were hired to do. If an employer is willing to make the reasonable accommodations that may be necessary so that a disabled worker can do their job effectually, the employer will find that hiring someone with a disability is an asset to the job, rather than a liability.

The best example of the postie effect of inclusion in the workforce can be found on the television show Speechless. Instead of hiring a non disabled actor for the role of JJ DiMeo, The show hired Micah Fowler. As you know, Fowler, like the character he portrays, has cerebral palsy. He is a working actor on a hit sitcom. He is part of the cast. He is doing his job. He is contributing..

Micah has the largest trailer of any of  the actors on the show. His trailer has a ramp to accommodate his wheelchair. He also has his own makeup chair on the back patio of his trailer.

Inclusion works. .Just give us a chance.