Friday, November 4, 2016


Ever since the first episode of Speechless aired I have wanted to Interview Micah Fowler. Wait, that's
not entirely true. I should have said, ever since I wrote my first piece on the show last August, I have wanted to interview Micah Fowler.

I was amazed that there was going to be a show on network television about a family whose oldest son had cerebral palsy,  My disability. And, the show had actually hired an actor with CP to play the role of JJ. That was all I needed to hear. I knew I wanted to interview Micah for The Mac Wire.

I'd read an interview that two young men with CP had done with Micah for their blog. I emailed them to ask for suggestions on how to get my own interview. They said they tweeted Micah first.  Then they contacted his agents.

I tweeted Micah, telling him who I worked for and that I'd to interview him. I told him that I also had CP. It was hard saying all of that in 140 characters, but I did. I sent my tweet His reply came shortly after. "Contact my agents."

I wrote to his agents. I didn't get an answer. It took more than a month. Finally after Many emails from M.A. Cassata and me, we received a reply from a representative at ABC. I was asked to send five questions for Micah's consideration.

Okay, now I had the approval for an interview.What questions did I want to ask ? The Mac Wire is an entertainment website, not a disability site. I couldn't ask questions related to cerebral palsy or disability.

I asked him about the show, his fans, who he looked up to as an actor. his aspirations for the future and much more. . I hope you read my Mac Wire piece. If you missed it, check it out here. Micah gave very detailed answers.

Getting to interview Micah was important to me both personally and as a freelancer for The Mac Wire.  Anyone with a disability has challenges. Even though he has challenges, Micah is making a difference and hopefully, changing society's perception of people with disabilities. I wanted readers to get to know him as a person when they read my interview. I am extremely pleased because I think I accomplished my goal.

I am on a mission to make sure everyone watches Speechless at least once.You will find it to be extremely funny.  It is a show with themes everyone can relate to. Someone told me this week that it is one of the top five shows, I am happy that people are watching.Speechless. I hope more will tune in.

Thank you Micahfor taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you continued success. Thank you M.A. for not letting me give up on getting this interview.  It  was worth waiting for.